The hidden assumption

The hidden assumption: that the level of work I’m doing when I am free to improve things is the same as when I lack such freedom and feel that my contribution to the company is not what it could be (with the accompanying loss of hope).

The assumption is that if we take out all the sprinklings* we meet our deadlines faster. But it’s those sprinklings that keep me going, otherwise it could take me a week just to put together a simple design doc! It’s another one of those upside-down things. How can more classes be simpler? And then in this case, how can spending fewer hours directly on a project make it quicker to complete?

Being able to defend and explain these things is a separate skill from being able to do them. I have more of the second, very little of the first.


*What I’m calling “Sprinklings” are the things we do each day to improve our craft.


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