Several of my posts mention the term “sprinklings”. This is a term I made up, and here’s what I mean by it:

Sprinklings – The things a good developer does each day to improve his or her craft.

Characteristics of Sprinklings

It’s hard for me at this point to articulate exactly what I mean by this term, but here are some characteristics that I’ve identified so far:

  • They need to be unmanaged by a supervisor, manager, etc. — that is, left to the discretion of the individual developer. (“But that would require a high degree of trust in that developer!” you say. I don’t deny it. Some of the articles deal with this issue — for example, Is there a contradiction? and Top performers.)
  • You don’t block out time specifically for these things — rather, they are a natural part of a developer’s day-to-day work as he works to stay on top of his craft. (“But is this going to be done on company time?” you ask. “That sounds sneaky, dishonest, inappropriate, and dishonorable!” We deal with this in How would I log that?)

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