The seventh category

In the back of the Accountability book (pp. 229-235) there is a seven-question survey that is supposed to help you score how your organization currently operates relative to freedom versus control. There are four different gradations:

  • Top-Down (maximum control)
  • Incentive-Driven
  • Conditional Freedom
  • Freedom-Based

So, I took the survey. In six out of seven categories, our current setup in Engineering is squarely in the Top-Down situation. But in the seventh category, the answer that fit best for how we recruit staff members was this one: “We look for people who are capable of managing themselves, will ask for help when they need it, and can work well with others.” That is the freedom-based choice. (If we were hiring people who would thrive in a control-based situation, the answer would be “We look for people who will comply with those in authority and do what they are told.”)

So… we’re hiring people based on their ability to thrive under a freedom-based approach, and then putting them in a full-out control-based situation?

Doesn’t it seem like we need to either be hiring a different kind of person or treating our existing people differently?


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