Two models

Having gathered the “people stuff” articles together over on the People Stuff page for clearer presentation, I looked over the collection. I was pleased to see how it’s come together… but then this thought hit me: “What makes me think I’m qualified to do this kind of analysis? I’m a developer!”

Yet I don’t think I’m completely off-target in my analyses, and I think this kind of analysis is important to the company’s health. So why would I be concerned?

I think there must be two different models for how concerns should be discovered and analyzed:

  1. Concerns should be discovered and their nature analyzed by those tasked with the responsibility to do so. By having the proper people perform the analysis, we keep others from getting side-tracked and thus keep from potentially slowing down their work; or
  2. The nature of a concern can often be most effectively analyzed by someone who is dealing with the concern personally or who is in close contact with someone who is doing so. No one should be excluded from this activity, so critically important is it to the health of any company.

I guess I must have some leanings toward the second model… :)


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