Accountability Quotes #4

One more round of quotes from Accountability: Freedom and Responsibility Without Control by Rob Lebow and Randy Spitzer:

Our people needed to develop the competence to experiment with new ideas that were not yet completely understood. (p. 116)[W]e need to retool the managers’ skills to fit leaders instead of managers, mentors instead of directors, and teachers instead of dictators. (p. 159)

 Rigid…policies and procedures were replaced with policies that would allow individuals to gladly accept personal responsibility. (p. 165)

Rather than abandoning all controls, which might lead to anarchy, the task force developed flexible policies and processes that would enable each individual involved in handling [the system] to take appropriate creative risks. (p. 165)

The…policies became very localized; that is, the people responsible for owning the new…system became responsible for setting the new policies and accountable to each other for staying on budget. (pp. 165-166)

Failure is always a risk…but you can’t expect staff members to be accountable unless you give them responsibility. (p. 192)


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