Firefox and less

In the vein of storing off things to the blog that previously were only in text files on my workstation (I guess the blog is my new persistence store!) …

Firefox Settings

In Firefox’s about:config :

browser.fixup.alternate.enabled = false  ;disables auto-adding of www. and .com
accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound = false ;disables beep when typeahead find doesn't find a match
image.animation_mode = once ;only spin GIFs once (could also be "none")

Less settings

From time to time I do text file manipulation at the command prompt using the UNIX-style command line utilities from Cygwin.  One of my basic workhorses is less, a read-only file displayer and searcher utility.  Anyway, you can put commonly-used options in a LESS environment variable so that when less starts up it will use those options.  These are the ones I use:

LESS=--ignore-case --LONG-PROMPT --chop-long-lines

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