Phantom dependency error

My .war project was building and deploying ok, but Eclipse said there was a problem — the project had a red X by it in the Package Explorer, and in the Problems window it said

Project ‘xa-example’ is missing required library: ‘…\org\apache\activemq\activeio-core\3.1-SNAPSHOT\activeio-core-3.1-SNAPSHOT-tests.jar’

I couldn’t understand why I was getting this, because I had already excluded the activeio-core library:



What I needed to do was run the maven eclipse:clean and eclipse:eclipse goals.  This rebuilt the .classpath file, which is where there was the stray reference to the activeio-core-3.1-SNAPSHOT-tests.jar file.

I had thought I was running the clean goal already, but the External Tools configuration I was using actually ran the maven clean and install goals, not eclipse:clean and eclipse:eclipse.

Once I ran the eclipse:clean and eclipse:eclipse goals, the error went away.


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