I had been noticing that my network connections thing in the system tray seemed to be showing constant network traffic to my PC.  Recently it had always been looking like this:

Now I was pretty sure that at one time the monitors would not always look “lit up” like that, but sometimes be “dark”, like this:

I was also having network connectivity problems, so I restarted my computer.  At that time I got a message saying that DLACTRLW.EXE was not responding.  I waited, but it did not close on its own.  When I End Tasked it, the network connections monitor stopped showing constant activity.

I did a search to find out what DLACTRLW.EXE is, and decided to remove the DLA key value from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run .

My computer booted up without obvious errors, and now DLACTRLW.EXE is not in the Task Manager’s list of running programs…  I think we’re good!

Update 7/24/2008: I also notice that when I’m running an ActiveMQ broker on my PC, the network connections systray icon remains constantly “lit up”.


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