Jar searcher research

Recently when I have searched SourceForge for [jrw]ar searcher utilities, there are some projects out there that look like they might be what I’m looking for, but then I realize they’re not, for one reason or another.  I wanted to jot down these project names so I don’t spend time re-evaluating them in the future without meaning to.

(The two utilities that I have tried and found helpful are JarSearch and jcFind.)

Could be helpful

  • File finder – You have to set up an Ant task to use it, but looks really powerful.  Possibly we could set up an Ant task to search the deploy and lib directories of JBoss, and the other teams could use this for a quick report for dependency resolution.
  • Jar Browser – Currently only supports JARs, not WAR, RAR, etc. (would need to unzip the WAR first, same as with jcFind)
  • JarBreaker – searches for a particular class name (supports regex wildcards); sports a whimsical homepage
  • SearchJars – searches for a given class name
  • JavaCheck – C++ source, apparently needs to be built with gcc… seems to need more of a development environment than I currently have installed with Cygwin.

Not Usable at the Moment

These are projects that appeared to be maybe just the thing I was looking for — and then I realized that there were no files available!

  • JClassFinder – no files released (in planning phase since 5/2006)
  • ZipSearch – no files released (though it’s been in “Alpha” status since end of 2007)
  • ZipLister – no files released (though it’s listed in “Alpha” status; project was registered 2008-02-20)

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