Bunch o books

I had the idea several months ago to write book reviews of some of the books I’ve read lately.  So far, about the farthest I’ve gotten is to take pictures of the covers of some of them:

Wow, those pictures look pretty low-grade!  Having rolled my own, I have a better appreciation for the great-looking pictures of the book covers you see at other online places.


2 thoughts on “Bunch o books

  1. How did you like Peopleware? I’m currently reading The Art of Agile Development. So far I like it, and much of it matches up to how we do development at my new company.

  2. I tend to have vague feelings about things like this some time before being able to articulate them precisely or defend them rationally. I think the enduring value of Peopleware is that it brings concrete discussability to several of these important “soft” issues that it would be easy for any company to accidentally overlook otherwise.

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