Plurals and intuition

I just downloaded the Bitronix Transaction Manager to try out its JNDI server (and probably also its transaction management).  The JNDI server is only in the yet-to-be-released version 1.3, so I needed to use a Subversion client to check out and build from source code*.  As this was (I think) my first time doing a checkout from an external Subversion repository (though I think I’ve checked out code from an external CVS repository once or twice), I wasn’t sure what I was doing…  I followed the instructions, but kept getting errors.

I decided to try checking out a project from somewhere else.  I tried the Maven 2.0 source and that checked out fine.  Hmm.

After hmm-ing for a moment or two, I noticed that the URL for the Maven source code used the https protocol, so on a hunch I tried modifying the Bitronix checkout URL to use https… it worked.

So, obviously I should have tried that, right?  :)

It’s an interest of mine when a hunch leads me to the right solution, to try to reverse engineer what made me think to try that hunch, to see if it’s something that could be taught to someone else.  In this case I was in the process of separating concerns (“Is it the remote server or my Subversion client that seems to be having the trouble?”), when I noticed that the protocols used were different.  So I guess part of it is noticing little details — or is it noticing important details and developing good judgment on when a detail might be important?

* Well… come to think of it I could have used the snapshot Maven repository… but I wanted to see the source and the tests, to get a better idea of what this is, and of its quality.

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