Twiki funny

I found a funny thing about the Twiki software we use for internal documentation: when you try to edit a page and someone else is editing it, some of the information that is displayed in the error page is passed to that page as URL parameters.  That means we can have some fun:



One thought on “Twiki funny

  1. I love it!

    Did you see the T-shirt page? They were selling CNN T-shirts with headlines from CNN stories, but the headline was passed in the URL so people were making the website display shirts with all kinds of great phrases.

    Bunch of stories about this on the net. Of course, they changed it to a hash string now, but it looks like the data is still in the URL:

    Actual T-Shirt:

    Article about URL hack:

    It pays to watch for these things, of course, especially when the website shows your username, e-mail, or password in the URL. Plaxo was sending redirects to websites with e-mails in in the redirect HTTP URL and lost many users for that reason.

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