Reticent checkstyle

“Why, oh why are you failing my local build, Checkstyle?”

But Checkstyle just smiled demurely and shook her head…

I overheard an email conversation today that involved getting Checkstyle errors in Eclipse but it not being apparent what the errors were.  I thought I’d chronicle it here since it could be helpful again in the future…

Developer 1: “I just ran Maven Clean Install and if fails, saying I have 5 Checkstyle violations, but there are no warnings or errors in my Problems pane.  None of the packages in my project show any warnings or errors, either.”

Developer 2: “Look at the “checkstyle-result.xml” file under the target subdirectory of your project to see what it’s complaining about.  There are a few things the maven version is catching that the eclipse version is not.  (So far it has always been legitimate problems).”


2 thoughts on “Reticent checkstyle

  1. Developer 1: “Thanks – I learned that the actual checkstyle violations didn’t appear in Eclipse because they were introduced when I was disconnected from the network, so checkstyle couldn’t run. If I have selected the project, right clicked, and run checkstyle on the whole project in Eclipse, it would have found the problems, too.”

  2. Quasi-omniscient narrator: Huh! I didn’t realize that the disconnection from the network made a difference.

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