Where’s that nest of WSDLs?

I wanted to access a WSDL or two on a .war project deployed on a local JBoss instance, as a quick test to see if I had broken the project with a recent change to one of its dependencies.  But I didn’t know how to find any of the WSDLs, and looking through the project (as well as the project it is depedent upon) didn’t seem to turn up any answers for me.

The URL for the nest-o-WSDLs turns out to be in the form:


So for a project whose artifactId is foo-baz-snark and whose version is 0.9.6-SNAPSHOT, the URL of the page-o-WSDLs would be:


I still haven’t found where in the project this location is configured… perhaps it’s the default location (convention over configuration, you know!)


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