In memoriam: the hobo box

The pager rotation just came around to me again, and I was reminded of this posting I made earlier this year to our internal TWiki pages.  It seemed fitting at this time to honor the memory of…

The Dev Pager Hobo Box, ca. 2002 – January 3, 2008

The development pager for my department was for a matter of years passed around from developer to developer in the accompanying cell phone’s original box. The box’s condition deteriorated over time. Eventually, duct tape appeared, and not long after that the stickers. In its final days, its condition was such that one developer referred to it as the “hobo box”.

Nowadays we carry the development pager in a carrying bag that has a much more professional look, but far less character to it. So let us never forget our old friend. Farewell, hobo box!


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