potatoes, potatoes, potatoes!

This is a little off-topic here, but a silly unusual thing happened and I thought I’d document it.

Historically I have had a tendency at home when I’m pulling together a meal, to sometimes accidentally involve more than one kind of potato.  Like say, having French fries and potato salad, or tater tots and mashed potatoes — sometimes it just escapes my notice.

I considered that today as I put both a container of potato salad and another of mashed potatoes into my lunch sack… but decided that that little bit of mashed potatoes needed to be finished, and I was up to it.

What I didn’t realize, though, was that the container of yummy orange juice/pudding/fruit salad I had in a third container was really… Au Gratin potatoes!

Three kinds at once — I think that’s a house record.  : )


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