Running with the…

(For some reason, “Running with the bulls” sounds a lot more poetic than “Running with the right JUnit 4 test runner.”)

I was getting a NullPointerException when I started writing the unit test for my little TransactionManager wrapper class.  I am using Unitils to manage all the dependency injection, so my test class looks something like this:

public class TransactionManagerTest {
    private PlatformTransactionManager platformTransactionManager;

    private TransactionManager transactionManager;

    public void testCommitException() {

I first got the NullPointerException while trying to test TransactionManager’s getTransaction() method, but it has some more complex logic, so I decided to back off from that and test the commit() method first.

I had expected that when I called transactionManager.commit(), I would get the unchecked exception that commit() throws when you haven’t called getTransaction() first.  But instead, this NullPointerException.

Before looking at the answer, can you guess why that would be?

Oh, wait, I already gave it away at the top of this post. Rats!

(Maybe there’s a reason I’m a programmer instead of a game show host. ;)

Yup, that’s right, folks!  All it was, was, I needed to…


See ya next time!


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