Why I was getting a DuplicateProjectException in my multimodule project

I am working on a Maven multimodule project that will be a working example of our integration test harness.  I’m working on it from the bottom layer up; I got the persistence module running and added the domain module (in skeletal form anyway).  When I tried to Maven Install the multimodule project with the new domain module referenced in the <modules> section of the parent pom though, I got an error like this:

org.apache.maven.BuildFailureException: Project ‘com.example.training.framework-test-harness-example:framework-test-harness-example-db’ is duplicated in the reactor

I looked around and around in the pom files, but it was Keith who spotted it:

I had given the domain module an artifactId of framework-test-harness-example-db instead of framework-test-harness-example-dmn — classic copy-n-paste error!


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