Asking the right questions

My company is in the middle of a 90-day “rapid transformation” under the leadership of our new CEO.  Part of that effort involves several different cross-functional teams working on various facets during those 90 days.  I already liked what I’ve heard about what this effort is trying to accomplish, but then the surveys started coming.

The groups are reaching out to large numbers of associates within the company with surveys… and there have been a lot of great questions!  Take these questions from a recent “Talent Acquisition and Talent Development” survey:

  • Does the company have a process for identifying, assessing, and developing its next generation of leaders?
  • Do we have specific development plans for our high performers/high potential leaders?
  • Does leadership form trusting relationships with the personnel of the company that allows all to generate and challenge ideas in a safe environment?

I had the opportunity to rate the company on these and other issues and give comments.

It’s great to see us asking the right questions!


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