They wouldn’t take a hint

There is a small but loyal band of files-and-directories* that routinely appear each time we create a new Java project.  (I believe the appearance of many of these has to do with the fact that we use Maven.)  They are from two different families — we have .classpath, .checkstyle, and .project File, and .settings and target Directory.  (Another Directory whom we see a bit less frequently, shows up only when we generate local javadoc.  He just goes by “doc”.)

While we appreciate the work these files-and-directories do for us, we really don’t want them in our Subversion repository; so the first thing we usually do after committing the skeleton of a new project is to go svn:ignore these; after which, they politely bow out of sight.

But then there they are again to greet the next new project.  How to help them understand in a more permanent way?

Fixing my auto-props issue the other day got me looking at my Subversion config file, and it turns out that in the [miscellany] section there’s a global-ignores setting that’s just what I needed for this type of communication.  I uncommented that line and added the following to the end of it: “ .checkstyle .classpath .project .settings target doc

When I committed the project the first time, the usual fit-to-ignore files-and-directories didn’t show up, and even when I generated local javadoc, Subversion knew not to process the doc directory.  Wooha!

*Kind of like Rabbit’s friends-and-relations in Winnie-the-Pooh… remember?

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