Jonathan is redsun:master

Jonathan had recently told me about his work on a project he calls Red Sun — a Ruby to Flash compiler and framework.   Today I went over to github and took a look at the project.

Now, you have to know a couple of things:  One is, I think projects like this are really fascinating and cool.  (Somewhere I think I still have the C code I wrote for the 6502-chip-emulated-in-software (the 6502 chip being what drove my beloved Atari 2600) — my friend and I tried to write an Atari 2600 emulator for our joint senior research project…)

The other thing is that when I saw the project page with the Red Sun name, my imagination started going and I start thinking martial arts (or a buffet…)

I decided to suscribe to the project’s RSS feed, and that’s when I saw it:


At first glance I had read Recent Commits by redsun:master.  “Of course!” I thought, awestruck.  “Jonathan is redsun:master!”

I expect Jonathan’s avatar at github to updated soon, showing him (more project-appropriately) wearing a belted redsun robe (the Ruby Belt is no doubt the highest rank in redsun), with Eastern music playing softly as you enter the site…

: )


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