Upgrading to KDE 4

A Little Blue Icon

Probably several weeks ago now, I was using my Mandriva Linux PC at home and instead of the red “critical updates are available” icon that sometimes appears in the system tray, a blue icon that seemed to say “this isn’t urgent” appeared.  What was available was a distribution upgrade.  It was offering to upgrade my whole installation from Mandriva 2008 (2008 Spring, I think?) to 2009.0.  Hmm!

Last week I decided to go for it.  I let it run overnight, and with only one hiccup (at around 4am I checked the progress and it looked like at about 90% complete my broadband connection had dropped — it was discouraged and I had to encourage it to try again :)  it completed by morning.

KDE 3?

When I booted up the new system, I saw some UI changes… but I noticed that it was using KDE 3.5.  One of the reasons I was interested in the upgrade was to see how KDE 4 looked and behaved… I was puzzled.

The Mandriva 2009.0 Tour pointed me to the release notes, which clarified it all.  It said:

There is also a brand-new upgrade method available: graphical in-line upgrade…Please note this upgrade method (or text-based method) will not change your default desktop. If you were using KDE 3, KDE4 will not be installed automatically. You will need to install it after the upgrading, by installing task-kde4 meta package.

Still KDE 3?

I happily ran urpmi task-kde4 (It’s great to be able to specify at such a high level what to install; and I also enjoy seeing what the dependencies are that are pulled in to make it happen).  But when I logged out and back in… still KDE 3.5.  Hmm!


One more search was needed, and I found this:

Now…after all the KDE 4 packages will be installed, you will be able to log in KDE 4.1 by selecting KDE4 in the session menu of the display manager ( KDM, GDM, … ).

(from a post on Linux-Wizard, pointed to by a forum post on mandrivausers.org.)

Ah.  I logged out and at the login screen, clicked on that icon I had forgotten about, that lets you choose the display manager.  “KDE” was the default, but now there was a KDE4 option.  I picked that and… now I’m up and running in KDE 4.

Thanks for all the great work, Mandriva team!!

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