How to locally add a repository in Maven

I’m experiencing an issue where if I have my producer send 100 JMS messages to my ActiveMQ queue while a consumer is listening, the listener will pick up maybe 90 of them and then no more.  This is not good!  I need to find out why this is.

I’m running ActiveMQ 5.1.0 at the moment, but one of the suggestions I found was to upgrade to the 5.2.0 Release Candidate.  I updated my pom to depend on that version, but since this artifact is not in the main Maven repository yet, Maven Eclipse couldn’t find it and I couldn’t build my project.

I had run into this type of thing before when I was trying out a Bitronix Transaction Manager 1.3 release candidate.  What I needed was to add this to my pom:



That worked — after running what we call “Maven Eclipse” (mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse), now activemq-core-5.2.0.jar shows up in my Referenced Libraries!

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