Superpowers (and how I lost them)


Why One Might Consider Putting the Source Code Inside One’s Eclipse Workspace

In the course of debugging my transaction manager issues, I wanted to step through the JBoss UserTransaction code; so I downloaded the JBoss source and plopped it off under c:\src, then attached source in Eclipse.

But… nooooooo! (said with the anguish of Superman in the presence of Kryptonite) — while I could step into the code, Copy Qualified Name (which I was doing all the time while documenting my research) was unavailable… I could not set a breakpoint… even my beloved F3 was ineffectual at going to the declaration of an element.  It was as if Eclipse had suddenly devolved into — (gasp!) a giant… Text Editor!

(Plopped the code into a subdirectory of the Eclipse workspace, and everything’s fine now.   :)


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