It helps to have a message listener container

I couldn’t figure out why the AOP advice kept not running around the MessageListener’s onMessage() method in my integration test.  I had declared the MessageListener as a bean (the advice only gets applied to beans) and relaxed the pointcut expression so it shouldn’t have to reside in a certain subpackage; the setup looked good, but still no advice.  I ratcheted the logging level up and saw the message being sent, so why wasn’t the advice running?  I began to have that piteous, put-upon feeling you get when you think you’re doing everything right but the program is unreasonably refusing to cooperate.

Then I realized that I hadn’t declared a DefaultMessageListenerContainer in my Spring bean file.  And then I realized that I had only been seeing messages being sent, never received.  (The advice only applies when the message is received).  Oops!

I declared the message listener container bean, and messages began to be received with the advice applying as it should.  : )


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