How to make text flow around clip art in Word

My Mom & Dad type up the minutes for the Old Fort VW Club, and sometimes they like to include pictures in there from an outing the group may have recently gone on.  They usually want the text to flow around the picture, but what they’ve been experiencing is that the text keeps its distance from the picture — and once pasted in a position on the page, the picture can’t seem to be moved.

Over Christmas, I helped figure out how to accomplish the movability and text flowing around the clip art:

  1. Paste a picture in.  Notice that it’s stuck at the bottom (the manipulator squares around the picture seem to be disabled):
  2. Right-click on the picture and choose Format Picture from the context menu:
  3. Navigate to the Layout tab:
  4. Choose Tight Layout.  Now the picture has round handles…
  5. …and we can drag it…
  6. …and when we drop it, text flows around it:
  7. We can move the picture around…
  8. …and resize it…
  9. …and even turn it to funny angles:

(These steps were tested using Word 2003, but they probably work on other versions of Word as well.)


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