Default view settings in Adobe Reader

I’m running Adobe Reader 8 for Windows, and it’s slowly (I mean over the last year or so) dawned on me that every time I open a document it’s showing it to me at 112% zoom level in “jerky pagedown mode” (the non-continuous mode where if you’re near the bottom of the page but not yet exactly to it, pressing PageDown only scrolls a little way until you are exactly at the bottom; but if you’re already at the bottom of a page, PageDown goes completely to the next page).  I find it jarring that PageDown goes down different amounts depending on where you are on a page when you press it — I almost always want the “continuous” layout where PageDown always goes down one screenful.

Today I opened up a PDF document and once again found myself at 112% zoom level in non-continuous layout.  This time I decided to see if there is a default setting I could change.  And I found one!

I went to Edit -> Preferences… and chose the Page Display category.  In the Default Layout and Zoom area, I saw:

Old Settings
Page Layout Single Page
Zoom Fit Width

I changed these settings as follows:

New Settings
Page Layout Single Page Continuous
Zoom 100%

Clicking a link to a PDF, now it opens at 100% zoom in continuous display format. Ahhh!


9 thoughts on “Default view settings in Adobe Reader

  1. Great advice! I too had the same issue and came online looking for the solution, which you provided.

    Thank you!

  2. Adobe Reader 8.1.3 doesn’t honor that option on any of my systems. It always loads pdfs in “Single Page” mode even though I have the default page layout set to “Single Page Continuous”

    Maybe they just broke it in 8.1.x. I wouldn’t put it past them. Version 5 and earlier were definitely their best releases.

  3. Thank you, thank you. On and off over the course of several months I ran into this problem and tried (in vain) to find this solution – never did until now. Nice work.

  4. Thank you! I knew it would be something simple. I love that it opens now to 2-Up. This was driving me nuts

  5. I have a problem with my laptop. i gave it to someone and once on returning it , all programmes started reading pdf. once i unstall the programme, all other programmes returns normal. what should i do so my laptop operates with adobe reader installed.

  6. So now that I’ve got the default view where I want it, how do I get the default tool to be the marqee zoom? The select drives me nuts…

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