One Must Fall:2097 special moves

Remember One Must Fall:2097? It came out in 1994, and Diversions Entertainment has released it as freeware:

By popular request, the full version of OMF:2097 is now available for download. OMF:2097 is freeware, so you can copy this file as you please. However, please be aware that Diversions Entertainment no longer supports OMF:2097. So, if you download this file, you’re on your own – all requests for help with 2097 will be ignored.

Getting OMF Running

Using dosbox, I was able to run OMF without any of those old setup headaches (fiddling with config.sys to load device drivers in high memory to free up more of that low 640K…remember?)

I didn’t have to do any special setup to dosbox or OMF — I just

  1. Ran dosbox
  2. Ran the OMF install program
  3. Ran omf.exe
  4. Went into Setup and chose something like Sound Blaster 16
  5. Everything just worked and I started playing the game.

And this was on my Linux PC.  (It worked just as seamlessly on my Windows 95 PC too.)  Wow!  Thanks, dosbox developers!!

Special Moves Reference

I found Matt Williams’ OMFMOVES.LST in an old archive, listing all the special moves for the OMF:2097 robots in two-player mode.  This is a great resource.  For myself and my colleagues (casual players), though, I preferred to leave out the more complex Scrap and Destruction moves.  I did this (and also simplified the key sequences for keyboard use, from D-DB-B to D-B and B-DB-D-DF-F to B-D-F, for example), resulting in this OMF Special Moves One Page Reference (PDF).

(Thanks to Ben the Dean for pointing me to dosbox.)


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