MRE3 errata

I recently finished reading Mastering Regular Expressions, 3rd ed., by Jeffrey E.F. Friedl.  In the main chapters (the first six) I didn’t find a single typo. (I thought the PHP example in the table at the bottom of page 190 was missing a backslash, but I was wrong!  See the explanation at the top of page 445.)  I found this lack of errors (at least ones that I could find) really impressive given the level of technical detail.  I did find a few minor errors in the tool-specific chapters (chapters 7-10) and sent them along to the author  — all part of my ploy to attain fame and fortune by pointing out others’ mistakes ;).  So that I don’t lose them, here they are:

From: Daniel Meyer
To: ‘Jeffrey Friedl’
Subject: MRE3 errata

Dear Mr. Friedl,

I have just finished reading Mastering Regular Expressions, 3rd ed., and I found it both helpful and enjoyable.  In the spirit of contributing to the betterment of the work, here are some things I believe are errata:

p.293, under Context bullet point: s/in which they’re in/which they’re in/
p.298, second paragraph: s/looking localization/looking at localization/
p.428 sidebar: Based on the VB.NET code, the output in both columns should have “Options are” instead of “Option are”
p.457, last paragraph: s/but since they retained/but since they are retained/
p.459, last paragraph: s/are note interpolated/are not interpolated/
p.462, code snippet at bottom of page: Shouldn’t both be $0 ?
p.467, after first code snippet: “The S pattern modifier is used for efficiency” (but the code snippet does not use the S pattern modifier)
p.473, first if-statement in preg_regex_to_pattern function: the comment says ‘/’ followed by ‘\’ or EOS (but the code matches ‘\’ followed by ‘/’ or EOS)

Thank you!

Daniel Meyer


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