dscrptn fld lngths

In our bug tracking system, you only get so many characters in the short description to describe your task.  One of my co-workers (whom I shall name X to preserve his or her identity) used to squeeze more information into the short description by dropping vowels — sometimes just one or two but sometimes more.  Early last year when a task came through with fewer than the usual number of remaining vowels, it caught my fancy and I sent this reply…  : )

To:    X
Subject:    dscrptn fld lngths


Prhps w shld rqst th crms shrt dscrptn fld t b lngthnd s w cld ft lngr shrt dscrptns n thr?

Or thn wld it b too lng to ft n rprts do yu thnk?

Anywy I’m njyng yr dscrptns.

Dnl Myr

Sftwr Engnr, rtv RM Bs
Otr Sstms, L
Tl  75.1.343
Fx  76.7.99

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