K3B: Restorin’ them data files

I had burned a backup of all our word processor files onto a CD-R, and armed with how to get the CD drive to show up in the Windows 95 virtualbox I popped that backup CD in to restore the data files onto the virtual hard disk.

I could pull up a directory listing for the backup CD, but only the first (oldest) backup folder appeared.  Oops, maybe Windows 95 didn’t support multisession CDs out of the box?  Mandriva can see the word processor data file backup directory on the CD, but Windows 95 can’t.

I had the idea, what if I could “burn” just the data files I wanted to their own .iso image file and then mount that in virtualbox to present to Windows 95 as the CD-ROM to copy from?

In the Mandriva application launcher menu search box I typed burn and found a program called k3b.  Here’s how I used the options to get the result I was looking for:

  1. I copied the files to the hard drive (in retrospect I don’t think this was necessary)
  2. I dragged the folder of backup data onto the what-to-burn area on k3b’s main window.
  3. I clicked the Burn button.
  4. On the Writing tab, I chose Only create image:
  5. On the Image tab I chose where the .iso image file should be created (or rather, took note of the default):
  6. After clicking Start and creating the .iso image, I was able to set that up as a CD-ROM image in virtualbox, mount that image, and copy the files into my virtual Windows 95 box.  Woohoo!

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