Concentric circles

No guessers on the Two Paths or One post!  I’m disappointed.

As I mentioned in part 1, last Friday we performed an experiment to find out whether the bicycle tires trace the same circle or concentric circles when the bicycle leans as it goes around in a circle.

Steve and I doused the tires in water*, and then I led the bike around*:


Concentric circles it is!

(The open question being, is the back tire skidding to do this?)

*At first we had just poured some water on the ground and I rode the bike through it around in a circle, but (a) it was difficult to draw conclusions from the resulting dotted line, especially because (b) I kept riding around in circles making more and more dotted lines, getting dizzy and weaving all over.  That’s when we decided to douse the whole tires and walk it around.   It turned out to be much simpler that way.  : )


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