Upgrade bomb

I shoulda hadda backup.

The weekend before last I attempted an online upgrade from Mandriva 2009.0 to 2009.1.  The upgrade from 2008.I-forget-what to 2009.0 had gone with barely a hiccup, though I had performed it without backing up my data first.  This time I wanted to be less cavalier, so I backed up the /home partition beforehand.  I still didn’t back up the programs though.

The upgrade takes many hours even if nothing goes wrong (it’s pulling over a gigabyte, I think).  Things seemed to be going along fine for several hours, until the progress bar was over half, when I got a scary looking error:


I chose to continue, but eventually the install gave up.  I restarted it, but after getting the above error again, I started seeing packages downloading that I thought I had seen before, and began to fear that the install was going in circles. I ended up stopping the upgrade.

The next time I rebooted, when I logged in I got an error about kdeinit4 in an odd little unmovable white dialog in the upper left corner of the screen:

Could not start kdeinit4.  Check your installation.

When I pressed the “okay” button,  I got logged back out.  Yipes!  My wife uses this computer too.  Down system!

I wished I had backed up the programs too.

I don’t know how to get back to Mandriva 2009.0.

A Workaround

I did find that I can log in using KDE 3.5, which is still installed.  The desktop is plain looking, but we can do our work until I figure out how to either upgrade or downgrade.

Reason for the Upgrade Issue

Why is there an unsatisfied dependency?  It looks like the Nvidia 71xx proprietary driver has not been upgraded for the version of X that ships with 2009.1.

Hmm.  I wish that I could have known that there was a stopper problem before I got halfway upgraded.

I wonder what I should do now?

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