Forked process

I (along with 34 others) was let go from my company last Wednesday:


I really benefited from my time at Ontario.  Here’s a quick list of some things I had the opportunity to experience and be part of during my four years there:

I saw firsthand the positive effect of peer review on code quality (and got to see code walkthroughs as well and draw comparisons);

The discipline of writing up detailed design documents and test plans helped my technical writing skills grow;

I got to participate in an effort that brought an integration testing framework and tests to a codebase that hadn’t had that before;

I got to work on my people skills (trying to learn how to do healthy conflict instead of just “getting mad”);

I began to think about business and not only technical issues;

I got an introduction to mocks and used a code coverage tool for the first time;

I had opportunities to try to help people (QCAs, technical documentation folks, etc.);

There were good working relationships and many good conversations at the whiteboard about design issues.  Those sketches have long since been erased, but the memories remain.  I wish the company the best going forward.  Thanks for a great four years, Ontario!




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