Brainbench test

I just took a C++ Brainbench test as a pre-screen for a potential employer. What can you do in a 16-question test, I thought. But….

This test was effective at identifying whether or not I could identify several key gotchas in the C++ language. On several of the questions I said to myself, “Ahh…this question is designed to determine if I understand X!” And then I had a short amount of time to figure out if I did. Whew!


2 thoughts on “Brainbench test

  1. Daniel,

    Could you recommend some sources for Brainbench C++ test preparation? I’m an entry-level person, no commercial software experience.

  2. Nik,
    I would just recommend you get Bjarne Stroustrup’s The C++ Programming Language. Very thorough introduction to the language – it was the first book that opened my eyes toward clean programming practices and the value of having a deep understanding of what you’re doing.

    More generally, I would recommend focusing on deep building a deep understanding of the language. Then the test will not be a worry.

    Hope this helps!

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