Perforce fun

I’m getting set up at my new job today, and part of that is configuring my Perforce (source control client) settings.  I’ve not used Perforce before, and as I was going through the development wiki page that tells me what to do I noticed that we were doing some “p4 set xxxxx” commands to set some Perforce settings.  After setting a few and then breaking for lunch, I returned and wondered where I had left off.  I thought there must be some analogous command to show the current settings.  I tried “p4 show xxxxx“, but Perforce replied “Unknown command”.  I saw that I could get a listing of all available commands using

p4 help commands

…so I tried typing that, but mistyped the word “commands” as command and got this cool error message:

No help for command.

So of course, the next logical thing was to try p4 help you . And sure enough:

C:\>p4 help you
No help for you.


(p.s. – Though there seems to be no corresponding show command [Update: Yes there is – you just do p4 set with no additional arguments], the variables seem to show up at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\perforce\environment in the Windows registry.)


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