A smoother intranet experience with Firefox

I really like the Firefox browser.  There are a couple of times when its use is clunkier than Internet Explorer on a Windows-oriented intranet, though:

  1. Intranet sites that require your domain login (Firefox pops a login dialog, while IE passes your domain credentials along automatically)
  2. file:// links – in Firefox file:// links are disabled (for security reasons)

Both of these can be fixed.

For the first issue, open Firefox and go to about:config .  go to network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris and add the URIs that you want your credentials to automatically be passed to without popping the dialog.

For the second issue, install the LocalLink Firefox add-on.  With this add-on installed, a new Open Link in Local Context context menu item is available when you context-click a file:// type link.  Choosing this allows you to follow the link.  (For details on why Firefox is designed this way and other alternatives, see the Links to local pages do not work Mozillazine article.)

Thanks to Craig and Patrick for documenting this on the company intranet!


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