Freedom and responsibility well-articulated

In some of my early posts, I was working on trying to understand and articulate what it is that empowers top performers to stay at the top of their game.   I made some amount of progress, but just this week I encountered a presentation that makes my work look like scratches in the sand: Netflix’s Culture slides.

It’s Netflix’s 128-slide statement of what they think they need to do with their own internal culture to stay competitive as a company. There is a whole section on Freedom and Responsibility. Within that, I found slides 41-51 riveting.  Just listing the big headings, starting with Most Companies Curtail Freedom as they get Bigger, here is the common pattern Netflix identifies:  Desire for greater positive impact → growth → increased complexity → shrinking talent density → increased chaos → increased process (to control chaos) → process-focus drives more talent out…

Several following slides articulate how Netflix intends to break that pattern.

Thanks to Jon Fuller for the link!

(p.s. – Are these slides really from Netflix, I wondered?  Yes, they’re also on Netflix’s jobs site.)


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