Creating a SharePoint blog post from Word

I think I’ve found the idiomatic way to create a blog post for a SharePoint blog: MS Word. If you create a post via the “Create a post” link, you have to hand-format all the html yourself. Sometimes I may do that for greater control, but it’s really clunky if you want to add an image to your post. So instead of “Create a post”, click “Launch blog program to post”.


When I did this from Firefox, I received this message:


So I opened the site in Internet Explorer. At first I thought Admin Links wasn’t there, but it was, scrolled off the screen. I clicked “Launch blog program to post”, and after some first time set-up and a warning about usernames and passwords flying around, Word appeared with a new Blog Post section in its menu:


I typed in my title, typed up this post, and – most convenient of all – just pasted in the screenshots, then pressed Publish, and there it was in my blog.  Nice!


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