Mock framework for C++: an introductory flounder

In a prior project in Java, we used EasyMock as our mocking framework.  There were situations where being able to mock things really opened up the testing possibilities.  So today I looked around for what kind of mocking frameworks are available for C++.

On, someone asked about good mock frameworks for C++.  Four are listed:

Googlemock (the video calls it gMock, but gMock seems to be for Groovy, not C++…)

The HippoMocks page points to these and some others:


First Impressions and Reasoning

I was first drawn to Googlemock because it might be well-implemented and better supported, being from Google.

But, it’s based on some kind of ugly looking macros.

AMOP doesn’t have the ugly looking macros.

But, it may have ugly-looking member function pointer syntax instead.

HippoMocks may have better syntax than either of the other two (need to check this).

And I appreciate how the author provides the links to other available mocking frameworks and a comparison between HippoMocks and the other frameworks, and the answers he gave on the Boost mailing list.

That’s all I know so far (and a little more!)


One thought on “Mock framework for C++: an introductory flounder

  1. Have u tried VoodooMock? It’s new and only at version 0.3. But it doesn’t require you to extract an interface for every class u mock!

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