Those red thingies with the X in them

Sometimes the hardest part about finding the solution to a problem is finding the right terminology with which to characterize the problem.

I have been using SlickEdit 2009’s Build command to build my C++ project.  The major reasons I commonly kick off the build from within the IDE (as opposed to from the command line) are:

  • I can double-click on an error and jump to it; and
  • Little red thingies with an X in them appear along the left side of the editor window, providing a quick visual of where the errors are on the current screen:

    (It would be even nicer if there I could also get a view of where all the errors are in the current file, like Eclipse (or was it WinMerge?) provides.)  I can hover over one of the red thingies to see all the errors for that line.

Today, the red thingies weren’t there.  I could still build; I could still double-click on errors in the captured build output in the Build window; but I had to actually read things because the helpful visual wasn’t there.

Error Markers

It turns out that the red thingies with an X in them are called error markers, and you can manually call the set-error-markers command (hit Esc to get the SlickEdit command prompt) to make them show up.  (I didn’t want to have to do this manually every time I build, though it is pretty intriguing to have access to such business logic functions.)

In the end, I was able to get the error markers to show up automatically again…by simply restarting  SlickEdit.


These posts to the SlickEdit forums helped me get to the right terminology and find the set-error-markers command.


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