The identifier formerly unknown as…

Today I got a compiler error I don’t ever remember seeing before:

C:\p4\team\EIC\clay\irqm\products\eic\src\i3dbtranintxsearchprovider\CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider.cpp(326) : error C3861: 'ExecTranExecuteSearch2': identifier not found, even with argument-dependent lookup
C:\p4\team\EIC\clay\irqm\products\eic\src\i3dbtranintxsearchprovider\CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider.cpp(465) : error C2039: 'ExecTranExecuteSearch2' : is not a member of 'CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider'
        c:\p4\team\EIC\clay\irqm\products\eic\src\i3dbtranintxsearchprovider\CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider.h(34) : see declaration of 'CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider'
C:\p4\team\EIC\clay\irqm\products\eic\src\i3dbtranintxsearchprovider\CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider.cpp(484) : error C2365: 'ExecTranExecuteSearch2' : redefinition; previous definition was a 'formerly unknown identifier'
dmake.EXE:  Error code 130, while making 'UnitTestDebugU\CI3DBTranIntxSearchProvider.obj'
dmake.EXE:  Error code 255, while making 'UDT'

“previous definition was a ‘formerly unknown identifier'”, probably in shades and a trenchcoat. Funny!


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