How to remote restart your Windows PC

You’re remoting in from home and some app goes haywire on your (Windows) work PC. You’ve already asked your co-worker to power cycle your PC but now the problem is happening again. You don’t want to keep bugging your co-worker and you don’t want to have to drive in to work. You could have enabled the Remote Registry service, but you really don’t want to do that. Are there any other options?

There is, and a pretty simple one. You can issue a shutdown command from another PC on your network. The trick is to establish a connection to your main PC with your username first. At a command prompt on the second PC then:

net use \\MyMainPC\IPC$ /user:mydomain\myuser *
shutdown -m \\MyMainPC -r

There are other options you can send to the shutdown command, but this gets us (re)started. I tested this on Windows 7.


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