Oracle Treajure hunt

I wanted to find the Javadoc for Oracle’s JDBC datasource classes, to see what XA interfaces they implement (…to form a more focused question to ask on the Bitronix Transaction Manager forum).  I’d looked for the Javadoc before there and I thought I’d found some, though it was hard to find.  I decided to search again and this time, bookmark it.

(Usually one would just post the solution, but I’m cataloging what my process was too.  Maybe writing down what I did will allow us to analyze my process and improve on it next time.)


After some, Google, and searches didn’t seem to turn up anything (well, I did find something on someone else’s personal site, but I wanted my bookmark to point to Oracle) I decided to see if I could find what I was looking for by browsing Oracle’s site.  From the main page there were Products and Services, Industries, Support, Partners, Communities, and About across the top; Database, Middleware, Applications, and Industries in the middle, and Featured Downloads, Events and News, and Resources down the right hand side.

I picked Support, but didn’t see Java stuff there, so I went back and picked Communities.  The Oracle Technology Network looked promising (it turns out I could have gotten to this directly from the main page using a link under Resources there), and from there I went to Java under Technologies on the left hand sidebar, and then to JDBC under Focus Areas.

At this point, though, I couldn’t see a Javadoc link.  Dead end.

XA Marks the Spot

I paused and thought about how I would know what I was looking for.  I remembered that Javadoc tends to have a standard look to it, with standard links.  I had the idea to go to some other Javadoc I had up and use the link text from those standard links to use as part of my search:

OracleXADataSource Overview Package Class Use Tree Deprecated Index Help

This time, came through for me, finding the Oracle JDBC Javadoc!