Did you know you could do this?

Did you know you can execute Javascript from the address bar in your browser?

javascript:alert("hi y'all!")


Or perhaps more usefully,


(This works in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.)

I didn’t realize that the address bar was actually a command line!

Thanks to this MSDN article for the idea!

Recurrent onceness in IE (solved)

Every time I opened Internet Explorer 7 it was going to the “run once” page.  I tried both options under Required settings but got the same error:


The fix was easy enough.

A Don Varnau recommended a troubleshooting document on enhanceie.com which pointed to this Microsoft KB article.  The KB article suggested adding the following DWORD keys to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main :


I added these keys and values and restarted Internet Explorer, and now it goes to my home page instead of the Run Once page.  Ahh!