Enabling comments on your SharePoint blog

The default permissions for my internal SharePoint blog seemed to be such that comments were disabled. Here’s how to enable them (leastways this worked for me):

  1. Go to your SharePoint blog homepage
  2. In the Admin Links, click Manage Comments
  3. Click the Settings menu, then the List Settings menu item:
  4. Find and click Permissions for this list:
  5. Click on NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users, check the checkbox beside the Contribute permission (sharepoint-blog-contribute-permission) and click OK.

Now others should be able to add comments.

Creating a SharePoint blog post from Word

I think I’ve found the idiomatic way to create a blog post for a SharePoint blog: MS Word. If you create a post via the “Create a post” link, you have to hand-format all the html yourself. Sometimes I may do that for greater control, but it’s really clunky if you want to add an image to your post. So instead of “Create a post”, click “Launch blog program to post”.


When I did this from Firefox, I received this message:


So I opened the site in Internet Explorer. At first I thought Admin Links wasn’t there, but it was, scrolled off the screen. I clicked “Launch blog program to post”, and after some first time set-up and a warning about usernames and passwords flying around, Word appeared with a new Blog Post section in its menu:


I typed in my title, typed up this post, and – most convenient of all – just pasted in the screenshots, then pressed Publish, and there it was in my blog.  Nice!