Shrunken context menu

Being a Perforce newbie, I was trying to get the latest version of a module using the P4V (Perforce visual client) and having trouble.  When I context-clicked on the directory I wanted in the Depot Tree view, the context menu should have looked like this:


But instead it looked like this!


Where were all the missing menu items?  What was the matter?

What Was The Matter

I simply hadn’t selected a workspace, so there was nowhere to Get Latest to.  After fixing that, the menu swelled to its usual size and Get Latest worked happily.  Thanks to the Build Team for the quick and accurate help!

Perforce fun

I’m getting set up at my new job today, and part of that is configuring my Perforce (source control client) settings.  I’ve not used Perforce before, and as I was going through the development wiki page that tells me what to do I noticed that we were doing some “p4 set xxxxx” commands to set some Perforce settings.  After setting a few and then breaking for lunch, I returned and wondered where I had left off.  I thought there must be some analogous command to show the current settings.  I tried “p4 show xxxxx“, but Perforce replied “Unknown command”.  I saw that I could get a listing of all available commands using

p4 help commands

…so I tried typing that, but mistyped the word “commands” as command and got this cool error message:

No help for command.

So of course, the next logical thing was to try p4 help you . And sure enough:

C:\>p4 help you
No help for you.


(p.s. – Though there seems to be no corresponding show command [Update: Yes there is – you just do p4 set with no additional arguments], the variables seem to show up at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\perforce\environment in the Windows registry.)